11 March 2017

Un nuovo cowboy in città – la Dallas Express in buone mani al CICT

The Dallas Express was given a warm “howdy partner” welcome by Cagliari International Container Terminal upon her maiden arrival in the early hours of March 10th. 


With a capacity of almost 5,000 TEUs this ship will be one of the largest deployed by Hapag-Lloyd in their Mediterranean Pacific service (MPS), having phased-out from the Mediterranean Gulf Express (MGX) on the same day.

The CICT team, well-accustomed to this type of operation, completed all the phase-in/phase-out activities the following day thereby safeguarding the integrity of the customers’ network.  

Prior to her departure, Captain S. Reimer, pictured right, was presented with a commemorative crest by CICT foreman Antonio Lamanna.


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