4 March 2015

Terminal Marittimi e Inland Port: ricomincia Porto Lab!

February 2015: Contship Italia Group Maritime and Inland Terminals welcome the first 2015 visits of PortoLab 9th season.

With enthusiasm and grit, our Tutors received the guest classes in the Group inland and maritime terminals, opening up the port for the kids, their questions and their curiosity.

Following the program, the first part of each visit has been held indoors, in the meeting room: the students have been engaged with general information about the port location and operations, then the attention has been shifted towards the fulcrum of each port operational activity (and international trades), used to transport 90% of the objects we use everyday: the container!

After a speech focused on injury and accidents prevention, held by Contship QSE (Quality Safety and Environment) unit personnel, the moment arrived for the guests to wear their helment and high-visibility jacket, and visit the yard, to see the huge quay cranes, the powerful RTG and the containers themselves.

An interesting and memorable experience, in the words of the young guests, fascinated by the containers and the equipment used to handle them, but also by more challenging issues, like the notions of Chemistry, Mechanics and Math, presented and discussed in class with teachers and Tutors, and more in general, by the discovery of the port-universe and its complexity.

In the photo collage, pics from a recent visit to Cagliari International Container Terminal.

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