12 March 2016

Terminal Marittimi del Gruppo Contship – Le migliori soluzioni al posto giusto

As the MOL Paramount, currently deployed in the Australia trade, made its maiden call in La Spezia on March 10th, preparations were already being made in Gioia Tauro to receive for transfer a number of exports onto its extensive network to maintain weekly frequency of the pipeline for return cargoes.


Pasquale Papalia, customer service Medcenter explains: ”It is has been an established trend since few years to adjust capacity on trades ex Asia, where multiple weekly strings are consolidated into one or even cancelled. We are now in a period, post Spring Festival Public Holidays in China when this new normal pattern is with us, as export production effectively halts and requires time for re-starting after the holidays. MCT plays an important role in maintaining weekly global connections as the network is temporarily adjusted. Here we have a perfect example for as well as welcoming a ship on its maiden call on one trade lane, given that we are a central hub, MCT affords global shipping lines many options to satisfy the continuity of supply chain needs as it also has boxes on board for the Med-Asia trade".

The crew of the MOL Paramount was presented with a double crest by both LSCT planner Simone Affanni – pictured with chief officer Calupaz R. Paulino and second officer Galindo A. Taladua – and Gioia Tauro based planner Giuseppe Staltari, seen in the photo with the captain Zoilo S. Lozanes.


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