6 December 2017

Terminal Container Ravenna takes part in seminar on "Safety of Dockworkers and Seafarers"

On Friday, November 24th 2017, a seminar was held in the conference hall of the Northern Adriatic Sea Port Authority


The seminar was organized by Fondazione Flaminia, Bologna University (Legal Studies dept.), Northern Adriatic Port Authority, with the aid of SAPIR. The seminar was entitled “Safety of dockworkers and seafarers” and united industry experts, law experts, AUSL representatives and Ravenna’s harbormaster.

Filippo Figna, TCR Technical Manager participated as a speaker during the seminar, in the role of Security Manager, and underlined the absence of a common security law applicable to both dockworkers and seafarers.

The regulatory framework is quite complex, and it makes it hard to regulate and implement work and safety procedures that abide to all laws. The situation is so complex that unloading operations must comply with at least 4 different laws and orders concerning security. To this day, there are no plans of applying the legislative decree 279/99 to operations done aboard, to which, on the contrary, the legislative decree 81/08 is often applied” explains Filippo Figna. “The absence of a united law means much is left to the interpretations of the single workers, be it the stevedoring operators or inspectors – this means that same operations, with same restrictions, could be dealt with differently from port to port”.

Terminal Container Ravenna anyhow, is always careful when it comes to interpreting laws and orders, and always makes sure of double checking procedures before validating them, in order to constantly improve efficiency and the safety standards applied to operations.

The seminar was an important occasion to discuss different ideas and points of view, giving special attention to safety and security of terminal workers and operators. It is common hope that these events can take place regularly and periodically, so that players can also unite and unravel issues and concerns with a constructive approach, far from institutional frameworks.

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