24 June 2020

Terminal Container Ravenna providing logistics operators further added value services with the heating of flexitank goods

TCR now supporting importers with the capability to heat the flexitanks using hot water and steam. This allows the simultaneous heating of several flexitanks helping to maintain the condition of temperature-sensitive cargo from external temperature fluctuations.


As the global market becomes increasingly demanding for specialized services, vendors in the international supply chains have to commit to provide integrated and innovative solutions, a characteristic typical in the logistics sector.

To support the needs of its customers, TCR has further expanded its portfolio of value-added service. It allows logistics operators to take advantage of a heating service specifically designed for certain liquid cargoes moving in flexitanks (large durable and flexible polyethylene linings installed inside a standard shipping-container) thus providing a lower cost transport alternative than tanktainers.

It is well known that some commodities shipped in containers can be sensitive to external temperatures. Some commodities need to be heated up to an optimum temperature prior to delivery to the end customer. The objective of TCR is to strengthen its role as a partner for those importing companies that require this service.

A burner with a total capacity of 125 kW with a hot water generation system (max 85°C) has been installed that can simultaneously heat several flexitanks.

The system consists of a boiler connected to a primary recirculation pump and a hot water storage tank connected to a secondary pump. The heated water is channeled to the delivery manifold and to the serpentine tube network installed under the flexitank, providing for the heat exchange. Cooled water exits via the outbound manifold and returns to boiler to be re-heated, hence guaranteeing a continuous supply of hot water and temperature retention within the circuit. All of the processes involved are monitored and controlled offering a complete 24-hour service.

In a continuous search for solutions that support its importers and exporters, TCR is evaluating the possibility of creating a monobloc central unit with electrical resistors that will improve thermodynamic efficiency, making processes more environmentally-friendly and further enhancing the terminal’s green vision.

Ravenna upholds its reputation as a multifunctional logistics platform, capable of offering high added value services for all customers and industries requiring versatile and reliable packages. On top of a structured commercial relationship with markets of the Mediterranean basin, Terminal Container Ravenna is connected through hub ports, to the most important world markets, accounting for 40% of TCR’s total traffic.

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