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9 March 2015

Terminal Container Ravenna: aggiornamento in corso

At Terminal Container Ravenna (TCR) – Contship Italia Group’s Adriatic gateway for connection to North Italian and South European markets – the program for the improvement of infrastructure continues.

As announced back in October 2014, next on the list were the works for the extension of the crane rail track of an additional 50 metres, a project which is now well underway and due to be completed by the end of May.

Commissioned by the Ravenna Port Authority – civil works along TCR’s Southern berth are meant to deliver the terminal with the possibility to optimize a berth 409 metres in length, able to accommodate one ship with a LOA in excess of 300 metres or 2 ships with of a LOA of about 200 metres each. Berthing larger ships with the deployment of a greater number of STSs will provide enhanced ship productivity as crane intensity will be improved.

Milena Fico – General Manager of TCR – commented how “..the progress of the works is following schedule. This is very important for us as we know shipping is a very fast-evolving business. The 50 metres lengthening will provide us with more operational flexibility, especially in an era when ship capacity deployed is growing on yearly basis and our valued customers demand resourceful solutions to match their quest for efficiency. This will add up to the current highest quality of the services provided by TCR. Together with our experience in the handling of special cargo, fresh produce, temperature controlled goods and exceptional cargo, and now the perspective of berthing larger ships – yes – we are a special port for special products!”

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