8 February 2017

TCR: ultimati i lavori di assemblaggio delle tre nuove gru di piazzale RMG

The installation works of three new RMG cranes have been completed at TCR – Terminal Container Ravenna, Contship Italia Group Adriatic gateway.


“The assembly of three new cranes has been completed, and the new RMG cranes are now ready for commercial operations”: this is the satisfied comment from Romano Magnani (TCR Technical Director); the assembly of the three RMG (Rail Mounted Gantry cranes) has been completed, and they are now ready to enter the production cycle of the terminal, despite adverse weather conditions which have hindered the work of the technicians over the last weeks.

“Despite the slight delay to our original schedule, due to challenging weather conditions” – comments Romano Magnani – “the synergies between the technical teams of TCR and those of the crane manufacturer have allowed us to complete assembly by January, with TCR maintaining the usual service levels and safeguarding execution of standard terminal operations. We are very happy with the final quality of the product, and its capability to deliver the high performances required. The latter were witnessed firsthand during the first days of trial operations, as it is normal to test new equipment prior to definitive deployment”.

Crane operators involved in the commissioning phase (which includes tough stress tests, featuring continuous loading and unloading maneuvers, for 8 consecutive hours) appreciated the excellent maneuverability of the new equipment, as well as a very good reactivity to commands, a high speed of movement and an enhanced safety for cargo handling, guaranteed by state-of-the-art control systems.

At the moment, the technical and operational staff are being trained, with the final commissioning of the new RMGs expected to take place within the first ten days of the month.

After this initial phase, investments will continue with further upgrades concerning the yard area, a follow up of 2016 featuring in turn:

  • Conclusion of works for the renewal of RMG rail tracks.
  • Subsequent decommissioning of two of the older RMG cranes.
  • Transfer of the two remaining RMGs to the train loading/unloading area, to double the operational capacity dedicated to rail volumes.

Subsequently, TCR will begin the preparatory works for the installation of the new STS crane from Liebherr. The delivery of this new piece of equipment is scheduled for the second half of April, three weeks in advance on the initial program, for a final commissioning within the first days of August. These operations consist of:

  • The preparation of the area for the new STS assembly.
  • Demolition of one of the four existing STS cranes, reaching the end of its life-cycle.

TCR, Contship Italia Group terminal in Ravenna, continues with its investment plan (€ 24,000,000) started in 2015, with the goal of responding promptly to the growing needs of its valued customers.


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