5 April 2017

TCR si prepara alla consegna della nuova gru STS

Terminal Container Ravenna (TCR) is now ready to begin the next phase of its investment plan immediately after completion of the installation of three new RMG.


TCR is expecting to receive the STS crane which was ordered in June 2016. The components of the STS crane has been completed in Ireland and is finally ready for shipment to Ravenna where we will have the final assembly in TCR.

A delegation of TCR technicians, including Filippo Figna (Head of Maintenance) and Andrea Babini (Planning Officer) visited the headquarters of manufacturers Liebherr in Killarney, Ireland, to verify the completion of the work and review final details on the shipment, assembly and installation of the new STS crane.

During the two-day visit to Liebherr, the TCR technicians took the opportunity to undertake a thorough technical check of the main crane components and they were satisfied with the final product which is now ready for the final assembly that will be carried out directly in TCR.

The shipment will depart from the Fenit Port of Ireland in the 15th week and is expected to arrive at TCR after nine days.

Prior to receiving the components of STS crane, a dedicated assembly area measuring about 120 x 70 meters will be prepared within the terminal. TCR will adjust the work schedule to allow the team to assemble the STS crane without affecting terminal efficiency. Once the new STS crane is positioned, the existing STS “Q03” will be retired as planned after 35 years of service.

Like the recently commissioned RMG, the new STS crane was developed taking into consideration the reduction of energy consumption and the ergonomics of the working station. This was achieved by introducing smart solutions such as the LED lighting system and a highly ergonomic driving system from Brieda Dynamic, providing drivers with safer and more reliable system, thus further improving the efficiency.

The new crane features a lifting capacity increased by 10% (60 vs 55 tons) under the spreader, by 16% (70 vs 60 Tons) under the hook and a boom outreach to the sea measuring 50 m (18 rows across) against the 47.5m of the current STS cranes in TCR. This new piece of equipment allows the terminal to increase its operational capability substantially and service the increasing size of ships which are being deployed at the Adriatic ports today.


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