5 August 2016

TCR si conferma ancora una volta “il porto speciale per prodotti speciali”

Terminal Container Ravenna, the Adriatic gateway of Contship Italia Group, has a long tradition of offering its valued customers effective and efficient value-added services. 


TCR has recently been selected for the loading of a first batch of sheet piles (long flat iron beams used for the construction of banks and containment of land) for the Israeli market and loaded onto the ship MSC Mia Summer on August 1st.

The availability of areas, facilities and adequate equipment, together with specific know-how of the "TCR Team", makes it possible to run, within the terminal areas, all preparatory and cargo consolidation activities required for subsequent loading onto container ships. This provides our customers with an optimized operations flow, starting from the arrival of the goods by truck or rail, to the storage in the yard or in the warehouse, to cargo consolidation, up to the final loading. Indeed, this process reduces the overall execution time and avoids intermediate stops, resulting in additional transport costs. In short: "TCR ONE STOP SOLUTION".

"The 500-ton cargo of sheet piles, transported by special trucks due to its length of 16 meters,”, explains Alessandro Battolini, TCR Operation Manager, "has been unloaded and stored in our yards before being assembled on 17 flat racks for loading. The operation of reception and cargo preparation was carried out in only four days and the goods were loaded onto the ship on time, despite the tight schedule. Due to the size of the sheet piles, the loading phase required the use of specific handling techniques that TCR personnel has refined over the many years of experience with “special cargo operations”, allowing for timely operations and in full compliance with the safety regulations."

TCR, a special port for special products!

Check out TCR Value Added Services booklet.


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