24 September 2020

TCR is scene of the mini-series CONTRASTO, dedicated to the city of Ravenna

The Terminal Container Ravenna area frames one of the scenes that mark the rapprochement between the two main characters, father and daughter.


Terminal Container Ravenna was the scene of some shots of a web series entitled CONTRASTO which sponsors the Ravenna area and its beauties.

The project, managed by the Tourist Office of Ravenna and the Municipality of Ravenna, was created to promote and tell the story of the Ravenna area, the capital of Byzantine mosaics and which has always been a commercial center for trade with the countries of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ravenna was an important crossroads of trade between Europe and the Mediterranean; in fact its historic port of Classe, located just 4 km from the city center, reached its maximum splendor in the 5th century AD, a period in which, with Ravenna as its capital, the Civitas Classis assumed a fundamental function as a commercial and military outlet on the Mediterranean Sea , thanks also to a series of warehouses for loading and unloading goods

The series tells the story of two protagonists from Ravenna: Jack, an adventure photographer, and his daughter Tess, whom he had abandoned with her mother at the age of 6 to pursue a career as a photographer. Father and daughter will find themselves participating in the same photographic project, having to manage their personal contrasts and the generation gap that also separates them in their way of working.

In one scene, the two are near the dock of the Romagna city and the father tells his daughter about his past and when he worked at the port of Ravenna, this cross-section is framed by the areas of the Terminal Container Ravenna.

Even today, the Port of Ravenna represents a strategic gateway into the Mediterranean Sea, with strong correlation with the markets of Turkey, Black Sea, Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus and Israel, which have always been historical partners in collaboration with the Ravenna port.

The series will be distributed through the official social channels of Ravenna Tourism and will be anticipated in a trailer in October on the occasion of the Città di Ravenna Notte d’Oro event. The episodes will come out starting in 2021.

The audience of the series can also actively participate by sending their photos of the places shown in the episodes and tagging them with the hashtag "#MyRavennaPhoto". Among these, some will be chosen, from time to time, to be shown / linked at the end of each episode. There will also be a final awarding event for the most deserving photos.

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