15 January 2016

TCR Ravenna: operativo il primo “Fast Corridor” Adriatico – Un ulteriore passo avanti verso una supply chain integrata

Terminal Container Ravenna, Contship Adriatic gateway, joins other group businesses in now being able to offer “Fast Corridor” transfers in Italy.


As Italian customs procedures continue their migration to 21st century global standards, Fast Corridors are just one of the options to facilitate the efficient flow of cargo in supply chains.

Fast Corridors enable import cargo to be transferred from ports to their final delivery location in a simplified and controlled environment, with import clearance, payment of duty and VAT all taking place closer to the final point of use/sale.

Milena Fico, TCR Director and General Manager, comments: “TCR has demonstrated leadership in participating in this project, investing time and resources in expanding the range of services available to supply chains. Having now progressed to the live stage, it is important that that supply chains recognise that these new possibilities are available and will be expanded further”.

Luca Guerrini, TCR Customer Service Manager concludes: “TCR is the first Adriatic gateway to offer these possibilities, bringing substantial benefits to the end user. In starting with Bologna region, ideally located to serve numerous distribution centres, TCR now enables importers to achieve world class standards in their supply chains, improving their ability to respond to just in time requirements. All of our customers are continuously adapting to changing patterns in consumer and manufacturing demand and the implementation of the Fast Customs Corridor is ideal in supporting this process”.


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