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12 May 2020

TCR lifts the challenge with two heavy lift transformers loaded in just 3 hours

Thanks to the efficiency and experience of the TCR team in handling special cargo, the two overweight transformers, shipped with ZIM Line and weighing over 90 tons, were safely stowed in just three hours.


Terminal Container Ravenna, the Adriatic gateway port of the Contship Italia Group, once again upheld its reputation as the 'special port, for special products', offering its customers highly professional added-value services.

TCR successfully completed the loading of 2 heavy lift transformers weighing over 90 tons.

The request from the customer promptly activated the TCR team in the study and technical preparation of all aspects of the handling stages involved.

The transformers were secured on four 40ft platform containers loaded on board the ship m/v Harrison, operated by ZIM Line and deployed in their Adriatic Express Service (ADX), connecting TCR with Turkey, Israel and Egypt. The two transformers were bound for the Israeli port of Ashdod with a transit time of five days.

Execution of all operations was completed swiftly, as the TCR team took care of lifting and delivering the two pieces safely alongside the ship, placing and securing the transformers on the platform containers stowed underdeck in the ships hold, all within three hours. The ship sailed from TCR on schedule and continued its journey to the next port of Izmir, in Turkey.

Project cargo and break-bulk handling has always been one of the value-added services offered by TCR.

In addition to the four ship-to-shore gantry cranes, the terminal can also make use of mobile-cranes offering a large lifting capacity of over 200 tons, thanks to the significant fleet owned by Sapir, an important multipurpose terminal and shareholder of TCR.

The availability of large spaces, adequate infrastructure and lifting equipment, combined with the experience and knowledge of the TCR team, makes Terminal Container Ravenna the ideal multifunctional logistics platform, where it is possible to perform specialized operations in line with customer expectations and in full compliance with all safety regulations.

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