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17 December 2020

TCR IMDG Traffic Growth in 2020

Terminal Container Ravenna has recorded growth peaks of 50% for some categories of hazardous cargoes


During the past 12 months TCR achieved an average of 15% growth in the handling of IMDG goods, peaking at 50% for some specific product categories, primarily chemical compounds such as sodium chlorite and sodium hypochlorite used in the production of disinfectants and sanitizers, reflecting the increase in demand following the COVID-19 pandemic. Volumes of fertilizers also showed an increase, together with lubricants carried in flexi-tanks.

A contributing feature of the growth in these volumes is the terminal’s geographical position, ideally placed in an area considered to be one of the most important chemical districts in Italy.

In addition to linking local and regional markets, such as the East Med (in particular Cyprus, Egypt and Israel) and northern Europe, goods to and from TCR are shipped as far as the USA, Indian sub-Continent, China and southern Asia.

Over recent years the terminal has developed its role as a strategic partner for companies operating in the chemical and oil & gas sectors, providing an efficient distribution base for central and northern European countries.

With better than weekly rail services between TCR and Contship Italia’s Rail Hub Milano (RHM in Melzo) Ravenna achieves connectivity with Munich, Vienna, Duisburg, Basel and Rotterdam.

TCR continues to invest in its infrastructure and people specialized in managing the handling of dangerous goods. Within the terminal there is a large area dedicated to the safe storage of IMDG containers in full compliance of safety procedures and guidelines.

Safety is a key feature for TCR with specially trained teams on hand to carry out daily monitoring. All of which is supported by an emergency response team and a fire-fighting system that has recently been upgraded.

TCR will continue to develop its strategic role for the chemical industry and contribute to strengthening the local and regional economies.

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