15 February 2015

TCR dimostra la sua versatilità

TCR (Terminal Container Ravenna) confirms its role of Special Port for Special Products, always capable of responding to the needs of valued customers.  

Whilst the majority of the activity performed at the terminal is container related, including multi-faceted valued added services to cargo, TCR is privileged to be entrusted in rendering service to the world’s largest operator of RO-RO Ships. RO-RO Services, carrying a mix of cargo typology feature strongly in all regional Adriatic Trades and work comfortably alongside the more traditional container activity in TCR.

Even here, TCR demonstrates its versatility, being capable of operating both stern ramp activities where many varieties of project cargo, both wheeled and unitized, accesses the huge internal decks of these specialist ships and more conventional “direct operations into the vast internal decks”. There remains a strong demand in this niche market connecting the Adriatic with Turkey, Israel, Egypt: countries who still have industrial turnkey projects as well as a need for new and used machinery and conventionally handled cargo, and Montenegro where Fiat Chrysler Automotives has one of its many car manufacturing sites.

In 2014 TCR registered a growth versus 2013 of 5% in the car business and of 15% for other wheeled vehicles, confirming the increasing trend of the last 5 years and establishing a new terminal record.

According to Alessandro Battolini (Operations Manager TCR) – “Ro-Ro ships are quite different from traditional containerized traffic managed by the terminal and over the years the TCR team has developed its flexibility and professionalism in providing a wide range of services to its valued customers and here we handle RO-RO, LO-LO activity, simultaneously. RO-RO cargo, often loaded and secured on specialist MAFI trailers at the terminal is different, every time, requiring innovation and careful planning.

Milena Fico, Director and General Manager, adds: “The market for these ships remains strong. Through the centuries the port of Ravenna has been involved in trade with the East Mediterranean and still today, we remain active in the supply chain. Growth in 2014 registered some 15% compared to the previous year and all of the specialist services are provided on site, adding to the safety and security of this specialist cargo that has a mix of value, some very low, but others very significant. On-site handling, also enables TCR to be highly competitive, as evidenced by the steady, long term growth.

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