22 May 2017

TCR con il team Graffio alla regata Pesaro – Pola – Pesaro

The Graffio Sailing Team, led by the skipper - Giacomo De Cesare, took part at the international regatta “Sulla rotta dei trabaccoli” – Pesaro – Pola – Pesaro for the seventh consecutive year. 


Graffio, the boat owned by Giacomo, together with the Graffio Sailing Team, had a very aggressive start in the regatta. The boat was part of the leading group.  However, weather conditions deteriorated during the race. Due to safety reasons, many boats were forced to give up the competition. Graffio was one of the boats which was forced to give up the race about 15 miles from the finishing line.

Giacomo said: “We are very happy and satisfied with the competition. With a little bit of luck, we could have obtained a remarkable result. This race provides us with more encouragements and motivation for the next challenge. I would like to thank TCR for its precious support. We are proud to have the TCR logo on our race shirts in the competition.”

Giacomo is a member of the TCR team, working at the finance and administration department for more than 15 years and still counting. Sailing has always been a special passion for him.

“I have a strong passion for the sea! My father has been working as a captain on deep sea vessels for a long time. He has influenced me with his passion on sailing. I obtained my first boat when I was 20 years old, and I immediately started to compete locally. About 10 years ago, I owned a 11-meter “Soleri” composite boat which I named it Graffio. It has been with me and competing through many international regattas. It was docked in many ports and together with the boat, we had visited many amazing places such as Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Every time I set out for a new sail, it gave me great feels.”

Giacomo’s passion is shared and supported by all the members of his team. One of the major challenges in this sport is teamwork. He added: “Just as our daily work in the team, team spirit and synergy are fundamental when it comes to breaking through challenges in every regatta.  Team work is valuable which often makes the difference.”


Best of luck to Graffio and the team for the next challenge!


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