1 August 2015

TCR – L’efficienza di un Mega Terminal sul Mare Adriatico

New daily performance record in the processing of trucks in receiving and delivery of containers.


July 24th witnessed a new daily performance record in the processing of trucks in receiving and delivery of containers, with 1082 gate movements in / out.

90 per cent of these transactions involved a double move of containers enabling TCR to maintain its extremely positive record for the whole of the first half of 2015 in achieving an average of 24 minutes for processing trucks for a double move. During peak hours 1430hrs – 1630 hrs., more than 100 moves were handled in each single hour.

The ability to deliver these service levels ensures that TCR is well placed compared with mega-terminals, explains Alessandro Battolini, Terminal Manager: ”Our processes in general are no different compared to the bigger terminals, and therefore our customers rely on TCR to deliver high quality standards. An efficient gate transaction is vital for the cargo owner, freight forwarder….”

TCR will continue to ensure sustained service deliverables in the future, adds Alessandro: ”We will shortly test a new automatic gate solution adopting the latest technological advances… with expectations to further improve B2B efficiency by adopting fully paperless solutions for data exchange, and we are looking at truck appointment systems…”




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