28 November 2023

The La Spezia Terminal is poised for a more sustainable future in logistics.

The official authorization for the docking of all LNG-powered ships in the port of La Spezia comes courtesy of the new ordinance from the Commander of the Harbour Office.



A significant milestone for the port of La Spezia, the November 24th directive by Harbour Office Commander Alberto Battaglini encompasses not only passenger ships but also merchant vessels. It aligns with the objective of utilizing fuels that increasingly align with the ongoing 'green' transition in the shipping sector.

The recent docking at the La Spezia Container Terminal of the Brussels Express, facilitated by the publication of the ordinance, marks a significant event. This entry into the port was the first without a specific authorization provision. The Brussels Express is the world's first large container ship, boasting a capacity of 15,000 TEUs, to undergo conversion to gas propulsion. The vessel was named Hapag-Lloyd in homage to the European Green Deal.

"This marks a pivotal moment for our Terminal and a significant an important step towards greener logistics and shipping. As pioneers in innovations, we demonstrate today our readiness for change and our commitment to an increasingly sustainable future," states Matthieu Gasselin, CEO of the Contship Italia Group. "A special acknowledgment to the Harbour Office and the Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea for their guidance and robust commitment in this positive evolution for our Terminal."


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