3 July 2019

Sogemar and Rail Hub Milano continue compensation works: a new bike and pedestrian path is under construction

The path will directly connect the cycle tracks between Vignate and Melzo, and the project is entirely financed by Sogemar S.p.A. headquartered in Rail Hub Milano (RHM)


The cycle path connecting Melzo and Vignate is one of the thirty new bikeways planned by the Martesana Municipality. The project is part of a larger scope issued by the Province of Milan.

The project includes the construction of two batches in the Vignate Municipality – A and B, one of which (batch A) has already been realized. Batch B is the next one up with all subcontractors ready.

The path that crosses the Melzo Municipality goes from Cascina San Carlo up to the outskirts of Vignate. Building of this bike connection started on June 19th.

The project can take up to ninety working days before it can be considered complete, and works are being monitored by Luca Magnaghi (Project and Construction Manager), Rocco Martelli (Process Management Architect) and Suardi S.p.A – the subcontractor dealing with constructions.

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