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13 February 2015

Sistema La Spezia: debutto italiano per il network O3

La Spezia features as the first Italian port call in the newly deployed O3 Network with the on time arrival of the m/v Mayssan, operated by United Arab Shipping Co. S.A.G., on February 13th.


O3 member lines have regularly called at La Spezia Container Terminal for many years in many guises, but this is a first for a truly global partnership, where CMA CGM, China Shipping and UASC have now concluded an agreement to co-operate in trades involving “Three Oceans”.

Whilst the m/v Mayssan, a UASC A7 class ship, has been a regular caller, the O3 grouping will use a mix of existing and larger ships up to 10,000 TEUs in nominal capacity, with indications that even larger units will be cascaded into the string calling at LSCT.

Given the special occasion, a special customized crest was delivered to the ship’s captain Haq Abdul by terminal planner Gianni Scapparone, a gift to celebrate the O3 commencement and greatly appreciated by m/v Mayssan’s crew.

Michele Giromini , Managing Director, comments “…I would like to express a warm welcome to the O3 network, here in La Spezia. The occasion reminds me of a family gathering , as the shipping lines are all long term and valued customers, being very familiar with what the La Spezia System can provide for their needs. Thanks to O3 for having the confidence to continue to call at LSCT for the future, that we are building together, for even today we perform our operations on a ship that has called here many times in the past and we observe bigger ships which are scheduled to arrive, shortly, and who knows what will happen after this. Whatever size of ship O3 member lines entrust us to serve, 10,000 TEUs , 12, 13 or even 14,000 TEUs ships, LSCT can be relied upon. Investments have been made to enable the terminal to respond to the requirements of our customers. New and bigger cranes are coming to complement the existing infrastructure. Ready for the Future, Today.

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