27 July 2016

Sempre pronto a rispondere alle esigenze dei clienti - LSCT registra performance da record nel 2016

La Spezia Container Terminal, Contship gateway to markets in north Italy, southern Europe and beyond, confirmed its efficiency levels with a new performance record when handling the m/v Laura Maersk.


Berthed during the early hours of July 25th, maximum cranes were immediately deployed and in the second working shift delivered a performance of 683 moves in 5.75 hours, meaning an average hourly gross crane production of 118.78 moves.

Operations were completed during the same evening and the ship departed in a record time having achieved and overall gross operating performance of 102.66 moves per hour from the commencement of operations to completion.

Davide Romanengo, leading the operations team comments: “As we approach the traditional peak season, all of our KPIs remain positive, enabling us to deliver positive performance levels to support our valued customers and with the call of the Laura Maersk proving yet again that La Spezia Container Terminal is able to deliver.”


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