23 September 2014

Sebastiano Grasso confermato vicepresidente di Assologistica

The Board of directors of Assologistica, elected by the General Assembly last July, has re-elected unanimously President Charles Mearelli, Vice-Presidents Gentile, Grasso, Russo and Zanardo and the secretary general Daher, for the biennium 2014-2016.


Assologistica Board of Directors is formed by President Carlo Mearelli (BCube Spa), Vice-Presidents Andrea Gentile (Cereal Docks Spa), Sebastiano Grasso (Sogemar Spa), Giancarlo Russo (Taranto Container Terminal SpA) and Damaso Zanardo (Zanardo Logistics Services Spa) and Secretary General Jean Francois Daher.

In his short welcome speech, Mearelli attained a wide consensus for his agenda, which (for the next biennium) is focused on the enhancement of Assologistica engagement in sustaining the synergies among associate companies, in order to promote the internationalization of logistics in Countries like Egypt, Ethiopia, India and Malaysia.

"The next two years - said the President – prefigure a strong commitment (national and regional) on the crucial issues of logistics for third-parties goods, but at the same time we will take action to encourage all those associative processes that promote the expansion of Italian logistics abroad".

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