10 August 2015

Scopri il Tuo Terminal Container Ravenna Team!

A day with the people who care of your cargo in Ravenna.


Terminal Container Ravenna (TCR), joined the Contship Italia Group in 2001. Many of “Your TCR Team” are in the company, still while some joined more recently. Each team member, old or new, is dedicated to – Customer Satisfaction! Many will know personally “Your TCR Team” members, having established both a business and personal relationship over the years.

Collectively the team provides: a sense of belonging, pride, commitment, motivation, positivity. TCR is a people business and people are from various family backgrounds, with various personal interests. When they come to work, their interests focus on You, the Valued Customer! Take the opportunity for a series of virtual meeting with “Your TCR Team”. Send them a thumbs up, an acknowledgement. Say hello to a special person who has gone the extra mile for you.  



9 o clock; your first meeting is planned with Administration, Finance and Personnel Departments



Paola Saporetti is the “newcomer”, having worked for just seven years, whereas all others have been with the company more or less from the beginning, including team leader Elisabetta Guerra (Finance & Accounting Manager and second from the right in the group photo) who regularly recalls to the more youthful generation that indeed she was present at the birth of the company! Giacomo de Cesare, surrounded by the ladies, provides enthusiastic support every day to ensure that the necessary administration functions smoothly. Barbara Ercolani has one of the most challenging roles as secretary of the company keeping everyone on their toes! The Team further includes Antonella Di Venanzio, an always positive person who loves trekking, and Lilia (in the right picture) responsible for invoices and billing (...that's why we are always so glad to see her busy).



10 o clock: it is now time for a meeting with TCR Customer Service Department



Luca Guerrini (in the picture first on the left) leads a team of five: (from the left) Davide, Rodolfo, Stefania, Antonietta and Angelo. Luca describes the friendly departmental rivalry as to who has the most important interface with customers “... the CSD is the first point of contact and, even on rare occasions, we are also the last with the customer. My team approaches every day in learning something new, seeking solutions, solving problems. Above all, keeping calm and carrying on. Fortunately the other departments make our tasks easy…but then sometimes not so easy. And for this it is vital to have a flexible approach….” 



 11 o’ clock: next meeting with “Your TCR Team” is now planned with the Ship Co-ordination Department


By far the largest single department in TCR – at least by head count, led by the enigmatic, Michele Pagano (third from the left in the top right picture), a fourteen year company veteran, whose personal key driver is ”.. no goal is unobtainable in this company..”.

In his spare time, when he is not taking care of each of the 600 ships calling at TCR quay each year, supervising every minute of the delivery of quality service, claims that his number one past time, outside of the office is “…watching TV…..” preferably “….the goals of the Italian national soccer team!” His own sixteen men team, with each squad member committed to be on the “field of play with the customer…” comprise of: Roberto A., Claudio, Nevio, Vincenzo, Christian, Eduardo, Lorenzo, Roberto G., Arturo, Davide, Salvatore, Michele, Denny, Ettore, Luca and Alessandro... and each player performs a role requiring a meticulous attention to detail in the safe and efficient planning of load and discharging of containers and cargo. “The team has a vital role to play, having an important responsibility for the safety of the ship and the crew on board….” ….explains Michele.



12 o’ clock: from quays to yard it is the turn of Yard and Rail Planning Department 


Meet the team: from left Antonio L, Francesco, Federico, Antonio S, Lorenzo, Claudio and Andrea. With his feet usually, on terra firma, Antonio Lombardi, a relative “youngster” in the company, having joined TCR in 2009, professes to be one of the “dream team!” of operational managers in TCR. It is simply a co-incidence that Antonio leads, what is probably the “...youngest average age serving functional group...”. Antonio Spataro transferred from Gioia Tauro and maintains his own hobby of simply wishing to “work; leading by example as the oldest and worldly amongst the young and enthusiastic branch of the TCR family.…”



2 pm: the afternoon start meeting TCR General Services Department 


All teams have players that contribute with a variety of roles and “Your TCR Team” is no different. Starting from the left: Riccardo, Claudio, Simona, Daniela, Lorenzo, Enrico, Ionut, Fabio, Roberto and Gianluca manage the general services that customers, shipping lines, local ship agents, the many specialist forwarders, transport service providers all require. As is well known, TCR does not simply handle containers, but continues in the 21st century to handle a multitude of different types of cargo, some of which can be traced back to the centuries old Byzantine route transporting goods to and from East Mediterranean countries.

Similar to the role performed, the General Services team comprises a mix of gender, male and female, long term committed to the company and new additions who continue to bring new ideas. Personal lives also focus on a variety of family orientated pastimes, but there is one thing in common shared by ALL of them – the customer is an important member of their family!  



3 pm: is a sunny day! Take a short walk to meet the Technical, Quality, Safety, Security & Environment Departments


TCR uses many different kinds of “moving” machines ranging from small cars, internal trucks to giant container cranes and everything in between. Use of this equipment requires procedures to be established that in turn are subject to specific safety and security regulations. The team managing these responsibilities is led by Romano Magnani, also a member of the longer serving group of people, having been with TCR since 2001.

Romano’s engineers, the guys who really get their hands dirty are: Enrico, Mauro, Davide, Roberto, Maurizio, Gabriele, Vincenzo, Marco and Paolo. Being a close-knit group, the majority have been working together, like Romano since the beginning, since when both man and machinery have under-gone a transformation. “In the early days, it really was about engines, lubricants, replacement of single heavy spare parts. Today, the tasks are very much different, requiring completely different skill sets as the machines have been transformed by computer and micro-chip technology”. Each of the team has developed their own knowledge of modern technology and have retrained, naturally with the support of the company. Completing Romano’s team are: Federico, Michele and Massimiliano who ensure that TCR’s quality procedures and formal industry accreditation are fit for purpose as they require to be of the highest standard.

The QSSE team share a love of sports involving anything that moves, that is perhaps in contrast to the more cerebral, but vital role that they perform for TCR.



4 pm: follow the beep and bits and meet TCR Information Technology Department


In the picture from left Filippo, Massimo M. and Massimo B. Everyone is familiar with the “tech guys” whose most frequently used advice to us all seems to be the remedy for all things “computer”. Have you tried switching it on and off?

Filippo Marini claims to be the “lead musketeer” of TCR’s version of Dumas’ classic fictional heroes. Supported by Massimo Bacilieri and another Massimo, this time from the family “Morigi”, the IT team are charged with ensuring good over bad, from fixing the slightest of pc problems (again, often using the highly sophisticated, gained from years of experience, method of the on / off switch), to manage complex software programs, without which TCR cannot deliver the service to you, the customer. They are also responsible for ensuring that the invoicing business application works properly, and perhaps if customers do have any issues with their invoices, the first point of contact should be one of “The Musketeers!”



5 pm … but it could be any time during the day or night, 7 days per week. Meet the Terminal Manager

Alessandro Battolini, is ultimately the sergeant-major responsible overall for ensuring that TCR delivers, to the customer. Otherwise known as the main man in the “dream team”, Alessandro has broad shoulders, upon which to pull together Your complete TCR Team to achieve something every day.



Alessandro, third from the left in the picture, enthuses “…It is a team effort. I am fortunate to have such commitment and passion from the people as it makes my job easy. The majority of the team have been here a long time, building strong relationships with all customers. We are all aware that we are in a particular market segment and we are constantly able to provide customized and personalized solutions. As a team, as individuals, we aspire to grow, as the business and needs of our customers grow, under-going massive change. I have no doubt, that Your team will continue to respond in providing – Customer Satisfaction!    


So here we are, after a full day in the life of Your TCR Team – we hope that these virtual meetings provide an insight into why Your Team is committed to Customer Satisfaction.


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