2 July 2017

Sardinia and the East Mediterranean stay connected as new NET / EMX service makes its debut at CICT

With the arrival of m/v Sagitta on Saturday June 30th, Cagliari International Container Terminal saluted the maiden voyage of the NET / EMX service, a North Europe – Mediterranean string that has now added CICT to its rotation. The service connects the Contship hub directly to Turkey, Istanbul, mainland Italy and North European ports.


Leandro Ferrari, Customer Service Manager and Operations Director of CICT, commented “Connection to the East Mediterranean and Turkey, is a key link for traffic passing through our hub here in Cagliari. The Turkish and US markets are closely related to each other, with CICT acting as the crossroads for the three weekly strings connecting the American continent to the Mediterranean. The consequence of this new joint service”, continued Leandro “also means a new customer for our terminal, in COSCO Shipping Line, whilst also reaffirming the relationship of long acquainted Hapag Lloyd and Orient Overseas Container Lines”.

Following time-honoured tradition to commemorate the maiden call of the new service, CICT‘s planner Christian Marras welcomed and presented a crest to Capt. Reynaldo Sabale, Chief Officer Athanasios Katsaounis and 2nd Officer Donald Gillo-Ano.


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