19 January 2016

Risultati 2015 del Gruppo Contship Italia

Contship Italia Group maintains leading market position in Italy with Maritime Terminals (including Tangier in Morocco) handling 6.3 million TEUs for the year ended December 31, 2015.


Melzo (Milan), 19th January 2015 – Contship Italia Group, Italy’s leading maritime container terminal operator and intermodal transporter, reports a steady set of results for 2015.

Contship Italia Group maintains leading market position in Italy with Maritime Terminals (including Tangier in Morocco) handling 6.3 million TEUs for the year ended December 31, 2015

La Spezia, Ravenna and Salerno year on year performance (at 1.7m TEUs handled), are partially balanced by achievements at Gioia Tauro, Cagliari and Tangier (4.5 million TEUs) as a result of network adjustments by shipping lines in the Mediterranean hubs.

Intermodal and Logistic business units report consolidated figures with more trains operated in Rail Hub Milano (Melzo) and increase of Hannibal volumes.


Contship Italia’s Maritime Container Terminal business handled 6.3 million TEUs for the year, a slight decrease from 2014 (6.6m TEUs), mainly due to network adjustment by the shipping lines in the Mediterranean hubs, notwithstanding four out of five Italian terminals experienced increased volumes.

The Intermodal and Logistics division transported an overall increase in volumes in 2015, supported by the new Rail Hub Milano business unit, launched in January 2015 and expanded in the second quarter.

Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello, Contship Italia Group President, said today: “Contship’s global shipping line customers continue with their main challenges – sustainable trade growth, capacity, revenues, environment, uncertainty in global markets, leading to increasing questions about the outlook for demand in the world economy. Cost leadership and efficiency continue at the top of the agenda.”

“Contship Italia Group response in supporting the valued customers is to continue to invest strongly in its facilities, paving the way for the increasing size of tonnage being deployed. The investments involve both maritime and inland terminals delivering fully integrated port-to-door products for the global supply chain” - she explains.

“As we consider that the Group’s customer base extends to the total supply chain in Italy, South Europe and beyond, Contship alternative gateway solutions are gaining momentum, providing opportunities for shipping lines, freight forwarders, and cargo owners to re-think their options in terms of faster, more efficient and environmentally friendly transport.”

Italy has changed and will keep changing. Contship will continue to drive that change in the supply chain sector,” she added.

Medcenter Container Terminal (MCT), the ‘mega-hub’ in Gioia Tauro, and Eurogate Tanger saw a slight fall in volumes, generally consistent with the Mediterranean transhipment market trend.

In September 2015, MCT celebrated 20 years in operation with a cumulative 52 million TEUs handled.

Cagliari International Container Terminal (CICT), continued its positive trend (total volumes up 5% on 2014) with local Sardinian Cargo making a solid contribution.

La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT), for the second consecutive year, set a new record in terms of total TEUs (+ 8% vs 2014). LSCT, with its leading market position in Italy, with up to 200 trains per week available, it continues to expand effectively its catchment area of 43% of Italian GDP as well as specific Southern European destinations.

Terminal Container Ravenna (TCR) fully recovered the volume from 2014 with an overall increase of 7%. The results of investment in 2015 will further enhance both service and new opportunities in 2016, when new RMGs will be deployed.

Salerno Container Terminal (SCT) also continued to increase its volume performance (+7% on 2014), a result that highlights the flexibility and efficiency of this southern gateway being affected, for the majority of the 2015, by civil work at its main berths.

Contship Italia Group’s Intermodal and Logistics business units (now fully coordinated by Sogemar), achieved positive results both domestically and internationally.

Rail Hub Milano, having increased its number of operated trains, will continue to expand with terminal equipment improvement in 2016 with the deployment of two brand new gantry cranes on the extended 4 x 750m length rail tracks.

Hannibal, now responsible for the Group domestic and ‘over The Alps’ intermodal connections, is providing rail and truck services for maritime and continental cargo with its unique selling proposition across the main South-North logistic corridors. The volumes transported by rail in 2015 generated a reduction in excess of 9,400 tons of CO2 (calculated using http://www.ecotransit.org/ ), equivalent to the amount that 447,600 trees absorb each year, making a vital contribution to the environment. (www.arborenvironmentalalliance.com).

Both Hannibal and Rail Hub Milano expect to improve the scope of the service following the opening of the Gotthard tunnel, planned for June 2016.

Finally, Oceanogate Italia, Contship Italia Group’s rail traction company, continued in line with 2014, extending the scope of activities linked with Rail Hub Milano.


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