19 July 2016

RHM pronto ad offrire un servizio di pesatura efficiente

Rail Hub Milano (RHM) meets market needs by deploying two certified weighbridges at their terminal, providing customers with the required weighing data for their VGM documentation.


RHM, the Contship Italia Group’s intermodal platform offers the largest network of daily rail connections with Italian maritime terminals and thereby confirms its continued commitment to meet the global supply chain requirements. From July 1st, the two weighbridges at the Melzo terminal were both activated to provide weighing solutions for Italian exporters moving their goods by rail or truck to the maritime port. This will help customers to provide the required weighing data to produce the necessary VGM documentation and be fully compliant with the SOLAS 74 convention - Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport General Command of the Port Authorities Body (Executive Decree No. 447/2016). 

Via the RHM weighing service, the export transit-time and routing can be optimized by avoiding any further weighing before the container is loaded onto the ship. RHM, in collaboration with its partners is also able to offer weighing services at the Reggio Emilia Terminal, Dinazzano and with specific agreement, also at the inland terminals located in Padua and Bologna thus covering Italian exporters served by the north Tyrrhenian and North Adriatic gateway ports.

Paolo Califano, Sales Manager for Rail Hub Milano S.p.A., comments: "The introduction of the new legislation has introduced a number of challenges affecting the well-established operational mechanisms of the container logistics sector. RHM’s weighing service is providing the market with an effective and reliable solution to some of these challenges. We need to make things easier for our clients, working in line with the Contship Italia Group integrated business model. The new weighing services offered by RHM, will provide customers who choose Hannibal’s intermodal services, with guaranteed certified weighing data at the inland location, in advance of the container arriving at the port, in full compliance with regulations, ensuring efficiency in the supply chain.”

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