13 April 2015

RHM: operatività ferroviaria ristabilita e in crescita

Following on from the biblical weather conditions on November 12th 2014 having a catastrophic effect on the main control station serving Rail Hub Milano (RHM), full service was restored on February 17th 2015, with a “soft” resumption commencing earlier.

  • As 2015 progresses, RHM goes from strength to strength, as trains, trucks, shunting, locations served and all other activities, not only equal the pre-November level, but in the vast majority of cases now exceed these achievements as evidenced by:

Trains handled : +30 per cent

Rail waggons: +20 per cent

Total units handled (ALL TYPES): +30 per cent

Warehousing:  +12 per cent

April 23rd will witness the inauguration of an expansion of RHM including 100,000 m2 of new yard (+62%) and 4x750 m new internal tracks for processing trains, creating a total area of 260,000 m2, 7 internal rail tracks and 12 external rail tracks for shunting operations from 300 up to 600 m length. This development effectively more than doubles the available capacity of the integrated logistics platform, strategically located at a cross-roads of Italy and the rest of Europe. RHM area of 260,000 m2 compares favourably with Contship Italia Group’s Italian Gateway original marine terminal area of 284,000 m2 that processes 1,000,000 TEUs of maritime containers.

Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello, Group President explains “…the inauguration of the expanded facilities is a new benchmark supporting both domestic, cross-border and international supply chains. Our Group continues to invest and on April 23rd we welcome all of our valued customers and partners, both on land and sea, to experience this further milestone in the company’s history as a reminder that we are not only involved in maritime port activity, but also inland ports that are vertically integrated into the complete multi-modal logistics supply chain”.

Giacomo Senn, Manager Rail Hub Milan, added: ".. after the flood of November RHM faced the start-up phase of the new organization of the terminal, growing and from today adding more opportunities. Our clients have recently added new services to and from Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. RHM has the highest number of weekly connections in Italy linking the port of Rotterdam. Further additions are expected to Monaco, Cologne and other destinations in the coming months. It will be our pleasure to showcase Contship Italia Group’s integrated supply chain capabilities on April 23rd. All are welcome".

Welcome to the April 23rd inauguration of an expanded RHM: click the following link to receive your invitation.

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