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17 February 2015

Rail Hub Milano: operativià ferroviaria al 100%

Melzo, 17th February 2015: Rail operations at Melzo (Milan) are now completely restored.

Rail Hub Milano Spa (RHM is the new company controlled by Sogemar Spa - Contship Italia Group, launched on January 1st 2015 and is now managing the rail hub near Milan) can now operate at full service, trains access and exit to/from the national railway network around-the clock without constraints. Time slot limits were introduced by RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) due to force majeure flooding in November that had irreparably damaged the control station located in Melzo, as reported by RFI itself in its official communication to railway operators dated November 18 2014.

The restoration of rail operations was enable by a new computerized centralized system designed and deployed in just 3 months by RFI.

The terminal development program proceeds as planned, with the inauguration of a new 100,000 sqm yard within April. Four internal rail tracks, 750 m each, are already being used, while fencing and asphalt are being completed. The new area of the terminal will be equipped with new technologies for the use of energy from renewable sources further reducing the environmental impact of this infrastructure, which is considered as strategic for the whole logistics activity of the region.

Sebastiano Grasso, Vice President Contship Italia Group for Intermodal and Logistics and President of Rail Hub Milano commented: "I am grateful to the technicians of RFI for this result. Rail Hub Milano can now return to fully compete in the market. As we now recommence with renewed vigor I want to thank all our valued customers for their understanding and support despite the limits in the rail operations occurred. It was a team-work task that involved many people, from the operations and commercial departments of RHM, Hannibal and Oceanogate Italia. Thanks also to Regione Lombardia, Comune di Melzo and Vignate and all institutions that have been in close contact in recent months, putting in place all the possible effort to protect the investments and employment generated by our infrastructure".

This intermodal logistics center has long been the subject of substantial investment by the Contship Italia Group (through its subsidiary Sogemar Spa). Developments that have recently found synthesis in the Program Agreement signed by Sogemar with Regione Lombardia, Provincia di Milano, Parco Sud Milano, Comune di Vignate, Comune di Melzo, Comune di Liscate and Cascina Gudo dated December 9, 2013 and published on 14 January 2014.

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