5 October 2016

Pronti per la conferenza TPM Asia a Shenzhen dal 11 al 13 ottobre 2016

Contship Italia Group partners major Asian logistics event for the first time.


Contship Italia with its La Spezia Homeport solution is proud to be taking an active role in this event.

TPM Asia, like its counterpart shows in North America and Europe, attracts many visitors from across the spectrum of container shipping, container ports as well as a diversified mix of beneficial cargo owners, freight forwarders, logistics service providers, and related disciplines.

Contship Commercial Director, Michael Cashman will be attending the event next week. He is a panelist on day two (October 12th) and will also be introducing one of the afternoon topics later that day. Michael is a guest panelist on a session entitled: “CONSOLIDATION AND THE ALLIANCE SHUFFLE – WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR SHIPPERS?”. Later on that Wednesday, La Spezia “THE SPICE” Homeport is also pleased to be the sponsor for another session entitled “PORTS IN THE CROSSHAIRS –THE REGULATORY AND COMPETITIVE IMPACTS”.

Both these sessions are highly topical in the current extraordinary climate of global container shipping and the industry’s relationship with the ports which serve it. For La Spezia/Contship Italia, the sessions at TPM Asia could not come at a better time. This is because Contship, as an integrated logistic operator continues to feel optimistic about the industry’s future despite the current uncertainties.

Contship Group, as just announced, is now undergoing a process of adaptation and change which will help the company meet these fundamental changes with confidence.

La Spezia’s history as the first private Italian container terminal goes back more than 40 years so our relationships with shipping lines are long standing and have existed through good times and bad. These long standing relationships underline La Spezia’s position as the viable and real Southern Gateway alternative in Europe. This proposition has never been more enticing for shippers and freight forwarders.

Contship believes that during these testing times, container lines, freight forwarders and shippers alike are seeking new viable solutions to established processes – which in many cases no longer work. So Contship’s aim at events such as TPM Asia is to slowly but surely alter perceptions of the Italian and South European markets, to put forward new integrated port-to-door solutions and to promote genuine alternatives to the ‘status quo’.

The Contship team looks forward to meeting you at TPM Asia.

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