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29 September 2017

Portolab Mistery Box tested for first time in Rubattino neighborhood, Milan

Saturday, September 10th, more than one hundred kids entered the Port Mystery Box during the 8th episode of “Giro di Giostra” project, guided by Emanuele Breveglieri, the moving sprit behind Portolab


The Port Mystery Box is container that has a secret office inside of it. Chairs, desks and typical Container Terminal objects hide clues and hints that must be followed using logical thinking and intuition. The container is never actually sealed when the kids go in, however the entrance is disguised with empty boxes wrapped with a chain and a padlock. Students enter the container in groups of two or three, and once inside, they must explore the office to find the key to escape. By carefully looking around following their curious nature, the players will find the object that contains the key.

Once the quest is over, the young students will receive Contship’s School Diary as a prize in memory of their adventure. It’s basically a revisited version of the “escape room”, but for young students. The Port Mystery Box however can also be mutated and the difficulty can be increased for older players.

Sunday, September 10th, the PMB was tested in the Rubattino neighbourhood during the “Giro di Giostra” project, where public areas are transformed into playgrounds for kids with games and tutors. Eamnuele Breveglieri, who is the scientific entertainer and collaborator of the Portolab Project, helped the young explorers around the container. More than one hundred kids accepted the challenge and explored the secret box and brought a school diary back home, disregarding the rain and the bad weather that marked the day of the event.


Portolab is a project that was launched in 2006 through an action started by Contship Italia Group, to give the younger ones an insight of what port life is. To know more about the project you can visit the Portlab website of Facebook page.

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