15 January 2018

Porto Lab: from La Spezia to Marina di Carrara

In 2018, 400 students from primay schools will visit the port - starting from today. After more than a decade of visits in the Contship Italia Group terminals, the Porto Lab project extends to Marina di Carrara's port, which is combined with La Spezia in the Port Authority of the Ligurian Sea.



The project kicks off today in Marina di Carrara, and many visits are expected in the upcoming months; 400 students from primay schools in Massa-Carrara will carry out guided visits throughout the ports, and in the Grendi terminal in particular. The extension of the projects is a result of the successful feedback that Porto Lab has achieved in the La Spezia terminal over the years, hosting over 5000 students since 2006. The main aim of the project has always been to show and tell life inside ports and intermodal hubs, because often times these environments are closed to the publics for security reasons. Contship Italia Group therefore, gave a helping hand to accomplish the same mission in the Carrara port.


Every Monday the Stena Freigther ship will approach the port, and starting from today up until May 28th, Porto Lab tutors along with the Port Authority staff, will host students and their teachers, showcasing the competencies and the core values of life in the port. The 19 students that were in the port today witnessed the opening of a container, and were shown how containers ale lifted and moved. They then visited the ship, from the hull to bridge.


"It's not the first time that the Porto Lab project spreads to new headquarters - Daniele Testi explains. The Grendi group and the Port Authority of La Spezia and Carrara thoroughly shared the values and the advantages of the Porto Lab action, and we are honoured to invest time and energy with many new students. Twelve years ago, when the project started, Contship Italia Group had the ambition of creating a format that could grow and involve as many players as possible, on a national scale and in both intermodal hubs and maritime terminals. In Carrara, part of this vision comes true. A big thank you goes out to all Contship Italia colleagues and all those partners supporting the Porto Lab initiative - for the effort and the confidence they are contantly giving to this project".


To find out more, visit the Porto Lab website:

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