24 January 2018

Porto Lab Academy kicks off in Marina di Carrara with a two day event for both the local communities and the project's tutors

On February 22nd to February 24th the headquarters of the Port Authority of Marina di Carrara will host Partners and Tutors of the Porto Lab project, for the annual Porto Lab Academy gathering: time for training and sharing new ideas about the Porto Lab future… and much more!


From this year, Porto Lab Academy is launching a new and extended format; besides the traditional training activities for Tutors and Partners, the event will host an open-air workshop dedicated to the relationship between ports and cities. During the event, many participants will hold speeches; a few will be Contship Italia and the Port Authority of the East Ligurian Sea, Assoporti, Port Authority of the Central Adriatic Sea, Port Authority of Sea of Sardinia, along with the Gioia Tauro Port representatives and the AIVP - Worldwide Network of Port Cities.

The workshops will kick off straight after the welcome speech from the President of the East Ligurian Sea Port Authority, Carla Roncallo. It will be entitled “Ports and cities: education, cultural aspects, formation, employment and environment. Challenges for the future”; both students and the local community will participate. Training and formation activities will take place on the following day, where all Porto Lab tutors will join Emanuele Breveglieri and Roberta Barzaghi – the creative minds behind the Porto Lab project whom will be leading group activities and visits in the Port Center of Livorno.

The Marina di Carrara location for the event is not a casual choice; in fact, from this year, Porto Lab will not only be present in La Spezia, Cagliari, Gioia Tauro Ravenna and in the intermodal hub of Melzo – the project will also be hosted and extended to the Grendi Terminal. Grendi is already a sponsor of the project, sharing the cores values and mission of Porto Lab with both Contship Italia and the Port Authority of the East Ligurian Sea. The terminal has planned to invest time and resources to receive more than 400 students in their first year of the project.


Porto Lab Academy 2018


Porto Lab launched 12 years ago with the ambitious aim to expand in many areas and regions, sharing the core concept with as many people as possible. Part of this vision is now coming true with Marina di Carrara.

Do you want to know more about the project? Visit Porto Lab website or the project social pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.


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