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1 July 2016

Porto Industriale Cagliari – conformità dal primo di luglio per dare supporto all’Export sardo

Effective July 1st 2016, global supply chains are obliged to respond to new regulations requiring a customized and certified weight of all containers destined to be transported by ship.  

Porto Industriale Cagliari is committed to safeguard a most important asset to the local economy – the continuity of the Sardinian export supply chain, enabling local products to reach global markets.

The “just in time“ transhipment hub is now providing a “just in time” solution, enabling the weight of a container arriving at the gate to be verified, and enabling Sardinian exporters to fulfil their legal obligations.

“Just in time”, the first container arrived at the gate, requiring weighing services on June 30th, scheduled to be exported to Altamira, Mexico, one of 70 global direct connections to / from the port of Cagliari.

Leandro Ferrari, Customer Service Manager explains “there has been a lot of confusion, globally on the subject of the VGM requirements. The CICT team viewed the situation, here in Sardinia from a more simplistic perspective, resulting in what we believe is an “easy to do business with“ solution. Having engaged with stakeholders, CICT is now able to provide a weighing service, directly at the gate, establishing a customized process in full compliance of national and international legislation.  Whilst transhipment represents the majority of our activity, CICT is also ideally located to serve the needs of a growing number, both by volume and the number of destinations of local products destined for global markets and naturally, we have adapted our product to support these needs…”

Pictured is the first container requiring weighing services, with explanations being provided directly at the receiving lane about how it all works.

For more information on the SOLAS 74 directive / VGM compliancy at Porto Industriale Cagliari, log onto the direct link https://www.contshipitalia.com/en/download-area/cict-customers-information and find out more!


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