6 October 2015

OOCL Luxemburg: ancora una maiden call di una nave da 8.000 TEU presso CICT

With the maiden call of m/v OOCL Luxembourg on October 5th, Cagliari International Container Terminal (CICT) has now operated the latest 8,000 TEUs ship deployed in its global network.

OOCL Luxembourg is currently known to be final upsized unit in a capacity upgrade program that started during the summer season of 2015. Overall, a total of eight ULCCs joined the AZX service fleet, all replacing smaller units, confirming the worldwide trend by global shipping lines.

With her 323 meters in length and a nominal capacity of 8,063 TEUs, m/v OOCL Luxembourg, like her sister ships is an SX class ship.

The ship was berthed at the Sardinian transshipment hub at dawn, with CICT gangs starting operations upon arrival. Loading and discharge activities lasted less than twelve hours, with OOCL Luxembourg sailing at dusk from the terminal.

To uphold a long-lasting tradition, the ship crew – in the person of chief officer Hong Sizhang – was presented with a customized CICT crest by Stefano Dessì – terminal planning coordinator – so as to cherish the moment of OOCL Luxembourg’s maiden call.

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