20 July 2023

Oceanogate Italia invests in its fleet with the acquisition of a new shunting locomotor.

The company expands its railway with the aim of increasing productivity and safety in the shunting activities at the Group's railway terminal.




Oceanogate, the Contship Italia Group subsidiary which provides shunting operations for the Group's terminals and rail traction service, has recently purchased a new CZ LOKO 741 shunting locomotor.

The new locomotor joins the existing fleet of three locomotives dedicated to shunting operations. The CZ LOKO 741 it is powered by a diesel engine and an alternating current-direct current (AC/DC) power transmission with four driving axles, meeting the current emission control regulations requirements. In particular, the diesel-electric transmission optimizes performance in terms of operating costs while providing high levels of reliability and system redundancy. Furthermore, the modern design and concept of the locomotor improve safety and comfort of the operators making driving more enjoyable and ergonomic.

"To make rail transport increasingly sustainable and efficient, it is essential to constantly update our fleet," says Nora Rossi, General Manager of Oceanogate Italia. "Shunting activities are the link between the terminal and rail transport. Our goal is to ensure efficiency and productivity at the terminal, not only through new equipment investments but also through continuous training and updating of our highly skilled shunting operators. At Oceanogate our shunting staff are in fact a core professional group: always equipped with the necessary competencies to work safely and efficiently."

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