2 November 2015

Nuovo record per LSCT: operazioni simultanee su più mega navi

LSCT investment supporting ULCC ship network deployment: 30,000 TEUs + ship capacity operated simultaneously: Two “firsts” achieved October 31st 2015!


Firstly, La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT) Contship Italia Tyrrhenian gateway was called upon to meet the challenge, as an aggregate nominal capacity in excess of 30,000 TEUs was operated concurrently along its berths Fornelli East and West, Garibaldi East, Artom and Paita, with a minimum of 5 ships being operated at various times.

Another first confirmed the terminal’s ability to simultaneously operate two ULCCs - an all-time record for an Italian Gateway: Al Qibla and MSC Livorno, 13,300 TEUs and 14,000 TEUs respectively, were operated during the same shift on each of the Fornelli berths as one ship completed and one ship arrived. Fornelli operations, now equipped with 11 gantry cranes for ULCC ships, were supplemented by other ship calls – 2,600 TEUs ship at Artom, two multi-purpose ships on Garibaldi East operating containers and general cargo accounting for 700 TEUs,  a 270 TEUs ship at Paita for a total aggregate capacity operated just short of 31,000 TEUs.

Michele Giromini, LSCT Managing Director, enthuses: “Today, these achievements are not unexpected. The ongoing 200 million Euro investments plan has allowed for infrastructure improvements, providing competitive advantages to enable this scenario to materialize in the port of La Spezia only. Not only on the berth side, all of the La Spezia System commits to optimize its assets to accommodate all ship types , as evidenced by the number and range of activity alongside today.  Customer networks are evolving and we are committed to support this change by providing adequate infrastructure and service, anticipating rather than reacting. The fact that today we have two 13 -14,000 TEUs giants berthed alongside Fornelli is an anticipation of what is now everyday routine on the Asia Med trade lane. We remain on the fast track and are Ready for the future, Now”

Tradition was also maintained as Al Qibla captain Andrzej Spisak and chief officer Yasser Albassyouney was presented with the customized crest by LSCT planning team member Stefano Colombani to celebrate the ship's maiden call at La Spezia, as a memento of a day.


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