26 October 2015

Nuovo gate di uscita per il Sistema La Spezia

LSCT investments now delivering further yard and land-side improvements, ensuring on-going efficiency for onward delivery to receivers by moving through the gears faster.


Much of the tangible evidence of the € 200 million investment plan to date has involved equipment in larger gantry cranes, additional RTGs and other yard equipment, as well as internal rationalization of yard space and utilization. LSCT has also co-operated with the Port Authority and other local competent authorities to streamline activity at the “port gate” entrance with the consolidation of all transaction processes taking place in a single “window” environment.

LSCT is now able to confirm the final delivery of what is maybe a smaller scale investment milestone, nevertheless expected to generate larger scale efficiencies within the overall container and truck flow in the La Spezia System, with the closure of the long used truck exit gate, located in the Ravano Area, and the relocation of the customs inspection area from the Fornelli area, further away from both quayside operations and very much separate from internal traffic flows and stacking areas.

Michele Giromini, LSCT managing director, defined how: "We continue, on our long journey to deliver improved service levels in the supply chain, optimizing the daily flow of containers from our terminal. The new arrangement is simply a step further, as we acknowledge future technological improvements will allows us to deliver even higher levels of optimization. The La Spezia System recognizes that the “customer” indeed has many “faces”. Shipping lines, local agent, forwarder, truck and rail operators to quote but a few. Working in harmony with all elements of the local competent authorities, the La Spezia System is committed to ensure further efficiencies. This is our target, for which we continuously strive to extend the boundaries.

Davide Romanengo, terminal manager explains: ”These latest developments will enhance the internal traffic flow, both for LSCT movements to/from stack to/from under the hook and importantly when processing commercial truck traffic with improved routing when exiting the terminal. The historical truck exit arrangement originates from many years ago, when Ravano area was first established. For well-known reasons, the original development plan could not be delivered at the time. Today we are now able to implement a more efficient internal flow. The release of prime internal yard space, even if only 132 ground slots will create increased efficiencies both quayside and in our yard capacity to better serve the customer.



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