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1 June 2015

Nuovo collegamento autostradale per il Rail Hub Milano

Inauguration of the new bypass road “Tangenziale Est Esterna di Milano” – TEEM A58

Final mile truck delivery, using Rail Hub Milano, as well as more extensive truck traffic in the North and East hinterland of Lombardy, will now benefit from reducing journey times, as a result of the final opening of the new bypass road “Tangenziale Est Esterna di Milano” – TEEM A58.

This new link directly connects two major highways: the A4 (Turin-Venice) and the A1 (Milan-Rome) eliminating the need to use the notoriously congested inner road ring (Tangenziale Interna). TEEM overall length is 32 km long, and has three lanes in each direction, winding across the provinces of Milan, Monza Brianza, and Lodi, an economic area responsible for more than 50% GDP of the region itself, Lombardy.

Franco Placa, Deputy General Manager Hannibal, comments: ”This strengthens the overall product of using multimodal transport, combined rail and truck, enabling optimization both of trucks and warehousing and distribution assets.“

Giacomo Senn Manager Rail Hub Milano provides a wider perspective: ”Firstly, the overall locality will benefit enormously from the added improvements to local roads and cycle paths, further improving the environment. For Rail Hub Milano, its customers and the range of transport and logistic services on offer, the enhanced infrastructure links lend credence to the choice of location of Melzo as a multimodal transport hub, where Contship Italia Group has committed to substantial levels of investment. Truck times will be reduced, meaning that RHM is now even more reachable to consumer markets. Manufacturing and industrial markets will be better served enabling better planning and responses, particularly during peak demand. Both maritime and transcontinental routes will benefit. Having recently expanded the footprint of RHM virtually doubling its capacity, to fully exploit the hub potential means that we can aggregate more trains, more unit loads and perform more movements per single truck in a day providing value with a triple “E” solution : Efficient , Eco-Friendly, Easy . It is a well-known fact that the final delivery element in total end to end cost is disproportionately high and now with improved road infrastructure, RHM can continue to ensure a leading edge in the global supply chain.”


Contship Italia Group Companies:

Hannibal S.p.A.  – providing multi-modal logistic transport services with a fleet of 350 trucks

Rail Hub Milano S.p.A. – providing multimodal transport hub services – domestic rail, transcontinental rail, maritime containers, swap-body trailers, tanks, bulk rail wagons and all rail-bourne unitized services.

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