28 November 2018

New record for rail operations in La Spezia

La Spezia System continues to lift the challenge as the number of trains handled increases year by year to set new records


At La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT) Railability – standing for the availability of intermodal connectivity – is deemed key to supporting valued customer’s supply chain networks.

Over the last three years, the number of trains in and out of the terminal, including those handled at the Santo Stefano Magra inland terminal, have increased by 7 %. The current year is expected to mark a new record, seeing just under 7,500 trains being shunted in La Spezia (an average of more than 20 trains per day, in addition to the international connections available from RHM), and equivalent to 127,100 wagons.

One in three direct containers at LSCT – la Spezia Container Terminal is in fact handled via rail, taking the combined export and import trade. On the import side specifically, customs clearance in La Spezia benefits from the availability of the renowned Fast Corridor: the opportunity to clear customs at a later stage in the supply chain rather than taking care of duties at port – i.e. railing containers directly to the Contship inland terminal in Melzo (RHM Rail hub Milano) or in Padua.


LSCT Trains 2016-2018


The number of connections to main destinations has increased, providing further opportunities to connect both Italian and Southern European markets. In La Spezia, Contship maintains its goal of handling 50% of volumes via rail; an ambitious target which is part of LSCT ongoing development project.


You can explore all rail and sea services available in La Spezia, using the Connectivity Tool:


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