11 May 2021

New railway connection between Ravenna and Modena (Marzaglia)

New rail connection available at TCR to support the ceramics district of Modena and Reggio Emilia


Growing synergy between the renowned ceramic district of Emilia Romagna and the Port of Ravenna: at the end of April, TCR witnessed the first journey of the third party operated train connecting the terminal to the rail hub of Marzaglia.

The intermodal connection will run on a weekly basis during its initial phase, with the plan to increase capacity as demand grows. Growth expectations are for both the import and export market that compliments TCR as the natural gateway port for the Emilian region.

Over 90% of ceramics production having a Mediterranean destination, passes through the Port of Ravenna and in particular TCR.  This is due to the wide range of maritime connections available from Contship’s Adriatic terminal, enabling containers to reach key Mediterranean countries, such as Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon and Cyprus, in a matter of days.

The first quarter of 2021 also experienced an interesting growth in exports to the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, a market increasingly attracted by the quality of ‘Made in Italy’ ceramic, wares and tiles.

The Port of Ravenna is also the most important gateway for the arrival of raw materials used in the production of ceramics and tiles. This is exemplified by its share of 52% out of all Italian imports for these specific goods. Materials include kaolin, feldspar and clay, of which a significant share is handled via intermodal transportation using rail wagons specifically used for the movement of raw material. In this regard, it is worth noting Sapir, a partner and one of the shareholders in TCR, has a wealth of experience for this type of activity.

In addition to the new service to/from Marzaglia, TCR's intermodal connectivity also includes services linking the Milan area, in particular Segrate and Contship’s Rail Hub Milano in Melzo. The latter gives TCR international connections to and from Swiss, German and Dutch markets.

Intermodal capability for TCR is not only an opportunity for traffic growth, but also a firm commitment to sustainable logistics. The terminal has 5 tracks of 400 meters each, plus 2 rail-mounted gantry cranes (RMGs) dedicated to the handling of containers moving in and out by train, offering fast and efficient operations. Another example whereby “We bring the ship to your factory”.


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