30 May 2023

The new locomotive Lady Pink Ravenna by Oceanogate inaugurated

Investments by the Contship Group continue with the aim of enhancing services and updating the fleet of rolling stock.


A new locomotive has recently been delivered by Oceanogate Italia, the company of the Contship Group that provides railway traction services for the group's terminals and lines within the Contship intermodal network. The locomotive, named "Lady Pink Ravenna," is an Alstom TRAXX DC3 model.

"With this new investment, we aim to further improve the reliability and flexibility of the services offered," said Nora Rossi, General Manager of Oceanogate. "Furthermore, this innovative locomotive model includes last-mile equipment, which allows maneuvers to be carried out in non-electrified areas, often found in ports, industrial areas, or terminals."

"Investments are necessary to support our customers and our intermodality development plans. This new locomotive adds to the other two delivered in 2022. We are pursuing an ambitious and coordinated development policy for both maritime terminals and intermodal operations. This allows us to be the only Italian operator offering integrated solutions in line with our mission - We bring the ship to your factory - added Matthieu Gasselin, CEO of the Contship Group.

Traxx DC3 is the latest generation of high-power electric locomotives that maximize efficiency, minimize maintenance interventions, and provide increased loading and traction capacity with lower energy consumption.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by representatives from Oceanogate together with Alberto Lacchini, General Manager of Railpool Italy Branch, Alberto Ansaldi, Head of Rolling Stock Management Italy, Lara Vercelli, Head of Rolling Stock Maintenance Management Italy, and Lorenzo Conti, Specialized Technician for Rolling Stock Maintenance Italy.



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