26 August 2020

The new Contship Diary has arrived, and the Porto Lab 2.0 project is ready to go!

With this year's Diary, children will discover the world of energy, with a focus on renewable energy, while the Porto Lab Project has been enriched with digital elements to provide continuity and educational support throughout the school year.


Contship Italia Group is pleased to announce the arrival of the new Contship Diary (school year 2020-2021). Over 7,000 copies of the diary will be distributed in the coming days to schools that have requested it, in time for the beginning of the school year.

This year's theme is dedicated to energy, in its many forms and focusing on renewable energy sources, with the aim of making children aware of the issues of environmental sustainability.

The diary has been enriched as always by experiments and observations and this year the kids will be led to the discovery of energy by two new characters: the batteries Ettore and Pina, who together with their friends make up the group of the Energicons.

You still have time to ask for a copy of the diary: email us!


With the realization of the diary, Contship Italia Group, together with its partners, wants to give continuity to the Porto Lab Project, in a difficult and complex year that continues to place the world of schools in front of important challenges and many uncertainties.

In this context and in view of the next school year, Porto Lab aims to offer Contship Group container terminals as alternative places for a widespread educational activity, outdoors, lived in compliance with safety rules, favoring sociality and confrontation in person.

In addition to the reactivation of visits to the terminals, Porto Lab 2.0 will offer on an experimental basis, to a selected group of classes, new opportunities for involvement and stimulating educational support, which will be available in digital format throughout the school year.

The teaching material, in the form of cards and videos, will deal with geography, logic and reasoning, using the elements and objects of logistics to create fun and instructive games and exercises.

Do you want to find out more about the Porto Lab 2.0 Project? Email us!


Another novelty is the partnership with Fondo Scuola Italia, a non-profit association that aims to find material resources and make them available free of charge to interested Italian schools, based on "emergency" and merit criteria.

Contship Italia has in fact decided to make 500 Porto Lab kits available, which include the new diary, a helmet, a backpack bag and a reflective safety harness.

The kits will be delivered, free of charge, to the schools selected by Fondo Scuola by the first days of September.


With these initiatives, the Porto Lab Project evolves and is enriched with new elements to offer schools concrete teaching support and it does so while remaining faithful to its mission: to open the doors of a closed and inaccessible place, such as that of ports and intermodal terminals, so that children can discover what happens inside.

The Porto Lab Project was born in 2006 and, in these 15 years, has seen the participation of 1000 classes and over 25,000 children, distributing about 10,000 Contship diaries every year.

These important results were obtained thanks to the commitment of Contship Italia Group, the Porto Lab Tutors and the project partners, who support the initiative every year. This year the following partners supported the Porto Lab Project and the creation of the Contship Diary: Aon Italia, Brieda Cabins, Gruppo Grendi, Kuenz Italia, Sapir, SKF Logistics Services, Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico centro-settentrionale, Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Ligure Orientale, INAIL La Spezia.


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