Nessun danno in seguito allo svio di un locomotore presso la Stazione Marittima di La Spezia | Contship | English
19 February 2018

Nessun danno in seguito allo svio di un locomotore presso la Stazione Marittima di La Spezia

In the early hours of Monday morning, February 19th 2018 around 4.30am, Oceanogate train 54020, whilst departing from La Spezia Maritime Station en route to Melzo Scalo had a minor incident with four wheels from one of the two locomotives (483 001 and 483 019) partially coming off the track.


The incident did not cause any injuries or damage and whilst the cause is not yet known, in full compliance with current regulation, both locomotives will be subject to a full inspection that will be carried out by qualified technicians from the manufacturer Bombardier Transportation.

Until the late evening of Monday February 19th, the movement of freight trains departing and arriving at La Spezia Maritime Station will be restricted, whilst passenger trains and all other trains transiting through other stations in La Spezia, will not be affected.

At the moment, engineers from Oceanogate Italia are on site, to evaluate the situation; together with RFI, they will undertake a full investigation into the cause of the accident.

After a series of events, that brought rail network safety, maintenance and management into the spotlight of public debate on a national, regional and local scale, Contship Italia Group hopes that all those involved will cooperate and act decisively, to continue to improve the safety of rail transport within the logistics sector, an important cog in the engine of the Italian supply-chain and continuation of economic growth.


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