12 September 2016

Nel Terminal TCR di Ravenna sono a pieno regime i lavori propedeutici all’installazione delle 3 nuove RMG

Preparatory works for the arrival of the three new RMG cranes continue at Terminal Container Ravenna 


The supplier of the 3 new RMGs (Liebherr) has confirmed that the production schedule is in line with the contractual forecast. The shipment from Ireland to the Port of Ravenna at the TCR quays, of all the components ready to be assembled on site, is scheduled for week no. 40 and that is the first week of October.

Based on this delivery plan, the areas dedicated to the installation of the new RMGs have undergone, since August 16th, a number of preparation activities, which consist in:

  • Leveling of the whole RMG operations yard area - This intervention, which consists in the re-asphalting ad re-designing of the area, will allow to fully utilize the enhanced storage capacity of the new RMGs, able to stack 5 tiers of containers (+ 66% when compared to the current equipment).  Other sectors of the yard will be reorganized in order to avoid any inconvenience normally caused by the construction site. The works are expected to be completed by the first week of September.
  • Replacement of all the rail tracks allocated for the new cranes - The company in charge, in accordance to specific plans, is organizing the construction site and will shortly start the first batch of works of the section allocated to the assembly site of the new cranes, approximately 200 m long.
  • Revamping of two of the three existing RMGs - In view of their future transfer to the railway tracks (expected with the start of operations of the new RMGs), the various mechanical components, and partially also electrical, of the two of the three existing RMGs are being checked, whilst the equipment continue to work in day-to-day operations. Such activities will enhance the performances of the RMGs, so to ensure, once their transfer on the TCR rail facility is completed, to increase terminal rail receiving and delivery operations.  


Milena Fico, TCR General Manager, comments: "These are very important developments for our terminal aimed at making the port of Ravenna increasingly competitive. The capacity increase of the yard, especially to serve the inner railway tracks, will ensure highly productive railway operations. Customers will benefit from an even more effective connectivity service to the main intermodal platforms in the north of Italy, including the center of Rail Hub Milan of the Contship Group, with intermodal connections to Southern Europe".


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