4 July 2018

Mr. Paolo De Castro visiting Ravenna Container Terminal

Mr. Paolo De Castro, vice president of the Bruxelles Agricultural Committee and member of the European Parliament, visited Contship Terminal in Ravenna accompanied by Regional Counsellor Mr. Gianni Bessi.


Mr. Mingozzi underlined how TCR is a terminal capable of offering efficient service, with valuable intermodal connections to Melzo (Milan) operated by Hannibal (Contship Italia Group’s Multimodal Transport Operator), that complement the existing connections to Dinazzano. “We are in a strategic position for maritime connections with countries in the East Mediterranean; Egypt and Cyprus have 3-day transit times with shipping companies calling TCR, on a weekly basis. We also have four connections to Israel, with 4-day transit times, or Turkey – three times per week – that make up a very important network for import/export of agri-food products. I’m very pleased” adds Mr. Mingozzi, “that shipping lines trust our terminal in Ravenna, and that new lines are also calling the port – helping the Adriatic Sea become a valuable connection between Europe and the Mediterranean […]”.

Mr. Sabadini stated that Sapir’s commitment in TCR is specially aimed at Logistics, and that it’s fully supporting the drafting activities along with the terminal’s international relationships, whereas Mrs. Milena Fico, TCR Director, underlined how TCR - responsible of moving containerized goods within Ravenna’s port – invested 27 million Euro for new Liebherr cranes, with sustainable and innovative technology for a greater workplace safety, and it is now capable of offering efficient and value added services in the refrigerated sector, too.

Concluding the event, Mr. Paolo De Castro stated that Made in Italy agri-food exports exceeded 41 billion Euro, a positive figure that confirms how our agri-food sector is still capable of conquering market share abroad. Growing demand of our quality products in the EU is pushing us to strengthen our export capabilities for the industry.

Contship Terminal in Ravenna is at the center of the entire challenge. Located in one of the most dynamic regions, Emilia Romagna, it is also extremely accessible through the strategically located port – reason why it is listed in the EU’s new trans-European network regulations. Italy needs this commercial checkpoint to reach the 50 billion export milestone of 2020.

One of the greatest opportunities can be seen in export of pears to China – to this day there are still no agreements between the two nations to open this trade front, but there’s a lot of work in progress. Pears in the Emilia Romagna region are one of the most important crops, and the Ravenna region alone can produce up to 600.000 tons of pears per year; given the natural and strategic location of the gateway port and the terminal’s expertise in reefer handling, TCR could offer yet another value added solution in handling these goods.


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