7 September 2016

Molteplici opzioni per un Trasporto intermodale efficiente: scoprite il nuovo Connectivity Tool!

Contship Italia website gets a major update with the launch of the new Connectivity Tool.


Contship is proud to announce the deployment of a substantial update for its website: an integrated tool conceived to showcase the connectivity of the Contship network of maritime and intermodal terminals, supporting the users in finding and extracting key data regarding the availability, frequency and transit times of services available in La Spezia, Gioia Tauro, Ravenna, Cagliari and Melzo (Milan).

The new web service, completely adaptive, can be used from desktop and mobile devices to find the solution that best fits each customer’s need, be it maritime, through the services provided by global shipping lines calling at the Group’s ports, or inland, exploring rail services offered by Hannibal, Contship Multimodal Transport Operator, and third parties.

Each query can start from the Contship terminal of reference, showing its regional and global connectivity, as well as from the global region or city of interest, providing the user with all available alternatives to connect with the selected origin/destination point.

The tool has been developed to be as flexible and easy to use as possible, to help our valued customers and end users in finding the right service and to quickly get in touch with the Contship team, enabling a fast access to key information and a user friendly platform to identify and nourish new business opportunities.


We look forward for you to try it out, and we welcome any precious feedback and comments for further improvement!


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