5 May 2016

Messaggio di Condoglianze

Marco Simonetti, Vice President Contship Italia Group.


The death of Marco Simonetti has upset the life of our Company, as well as our personal lives.

There are moments in our existence when we seek for words, but those words we look for, sometimes, come short.

I have been working in Contship for 43 years. Contship is my family and the people who work in Contship make up that family.

Marco was one of my most loyal and dedicated managers of the Company for more than 20 years.

I loved Marco dearly, a lot.

Marco had this immense love and passion for the city of La Spezia. A love and passion that he transmitted to us all and which over the years helped to turn La Spezia, from a small neighboring city, into an international center within the world of maritime transportation.

We will cherish his contribution and we will continue his work.

In this moment, our thoughts and our hearts go with Marco’s Family – his wife Stefania, his son Andrea, his daughter Elisa and all of his beloved ones.

I am also sure that Marco would be expecting from us all the utmost commitment for the Company. That same Company that he was so fond of and which he dreamt of making it become immense, beyond the limited borders which we have been living with ever since.

On behalf of all of the colleagues of Contship Italia Group, Thomas H. Eckelmann, Tom H. Eckelmann and Katja G. Eckelmann, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to all of Marco Simonetti’s Family


Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello – President of Contship Italia Group

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