16 August 2016

Medcenter performs its own opera!

The maiden call of the CMA CGM La Traviata, enabled the MCT team to perform its own opera on August 15th.


Now deployed as part of a revamped India trade service network, the ship, named after Verdi’s famous opera, itself based on a book by Alexandre Dumas, called at the Contship mega-hub during one of the most popular public holiday periods in the country, ensuring an eclectic mix – MCT high speed performance, Italian and French culture, all combining to support global supply chains.

Performing 1,259 contract moves from first lift to last lift in 12 hrs 20 min, the MCT team delivered a credible performance of 102,10 moves per hour.

In presenting the MCT welcome crest to the ship’s command, Capt. Rogiez, ship-planner Francesco Nicolo could not achieve quite the same high notes of the complete MCT cast on this occasion, nonetheless, the ship was dispatched in advance of schedule, where the next act of the opera was due to be performed at the next port of call, having already benefitted from a top class performance in Gioia Tauro!



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