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9 September 2015

Medcenter: infrastrutture ed efficienza di prima classe

With its well-publicised infrastructure attributes and regular world class / best in class performances, the MCT Team stepped up the gas on September 7th when Crane Gang 63 achieved a total of 250 moves in a single working shift of 5.75 hours on a feeder ship calling on a weekly network loop at the terminal.


With a gross crane productivity of 42.70 mph, MCT is accustomed to top end performance achieves, achieving equal if not more to its global peers around the globe on a like for like basis and indeed this is not the most moves achieved in a single shift, neither on a feeder nor indeed on a deep-sea ship.

These records were achieved in 2002 and 2011 respectively when 290 moves per crane shift were achieved and an astonishing 402 moves in a single shift were achieved on a deep-sea ship, reflecting a gross crane production of 67 moves per hour.



Carmine Crudo, General Manager, enthuses: ”As we approach 20 years in operation, MCT has consistently risen to the performance challenges considered as normal by global shipping lines. There is evidence in abundance, reflecting the on-going recognition by the team here of the needs of our valued customers.”


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