30 November 2015

Medcenter da il benvenuto alla Grete Maersk, con una “Tripla” celebrazione

The week has commenced on a positive note, with the arrival, for the first time, of the m/v Grete Maersk on Monday, November 30th, a ship of 9,074 TEUs nominal capacity. 


Berthing at at 13:30 hrs, the MCT team quickly commenced operations in order to complete as per the schedule requirements, but still found the time to commemorate this event, with the time honoured ceremony of delivering an MCT crest to the ship command, as Pasquale Papalia (MCT - Customer Service manager) and Francesco Taccone (MCT - PFSO) met Captain Poul Vejhe Møller (Ship’s master) whilst loading and discharging operations were being performed.

The call itself provided for a number of “maidens”, as Domenico Bagalà, enthuses …”On behalf the whole MCT team, I offer a warm welcome to the Captain, officers and crew members of the Grete Maersk, this time returning to Gioia Tauro: the call itself, represents a number additional “maidens”, being the debut of a network string linking the Adriatic direct, Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, South East Asia and North Asia. More specifically, it improves connectivity in the export trade by providing an additional weekly call to Saudi Arabia, Salalah as well as a direct call to Vietnam.”


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