27 May 2016

Medcenter campione!

With the eye-watering prospects of the imminent Champions League Final, with Spanish teams going head to head in a competition that ensures world-wide interest, Contship’s transhipment hub in Gioia Tauro provides Italy’s presence in the champions league of global ports and terminals.


Medcenter, with its world class infrastructure, continues to support ULCC networks, performing a vital role in the global supply chain. Shortly after achieving a record maximum operating draft of 16.15 m on April 26th (see Business News “Medcenter infrastructure continues to extend the boundaries”) a new record was achieved with 16.40 m departure draft, with 16.00 m plus now regularly being achieved on the same service string.

Enabling optimization of the global ULCC ship network with the available deep water, quayside efficiency continues to drive forward, confirming the Medcenter team position as Italy’s contribution to the global champions league, with the latest stellar performances easily overtaking Drewry’s well publicised benchmark of 2,500 moves per day, considered to be the target for terminals to achieve on ULCC ships. During a 24 hour period commencing on May 25th, with labour on board at 0100 hrs. and completing, with labour ashore 50 minutes within the consecutive 24 hour period “Your” MCT champions achieved some 3,800 contract moves on a weekly ULCC ship call – the highest single performance to date in 2016 and the sixth highest ever achieved.    

Contship Commercial Service Unit continues to promote the positives of MCT to the market; Michael Cashman, Group Commercial Director, Marine Terminals observes: “This latest record provides solid evidence of not only the potential, but the reality of MCT being in the top echelons of the global performance league. Having comfortably exceeded one industry performance benchmark (2,500 moves per ship/day indeed occurs regularly, week by week – “ the norm”) on May 25th and on five other occasions in the past, these levels also evidence the capability to achieve an even higher figure as quoted some time ago by Maersk Line, with terminals required to up their game to achieve a daily output of some 4,000 moves. Clearly Medcentre is able to respond to this.”

Nino Spezzano, now directly responsible for daily operations at the terminal adds: “The Medcenter team recognizes the need to go that extra mile. We are in an extremely competitive environment, with choices to be made as to where to deploy ULCC ship networks. In providing efficient, safe and reliable service to the global shipping lines this can only enhance MCT position to compete in the global market.”


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